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  1. Ken and Carolyn K says:

    Dear Bridgette and Wayne,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with our remodeling projects over the past several years and to let other folks know that if they are considering foam insulation for their house, that I highly recommend Performance Foam, Inc.

    Over the past several years, my wife and I have been remodeling our 1970 house in three separate phases so that we could better manage the costs of what we were trying to accomplish. During the first phase of our remodel we were updating our current kitchen with no plans to do anything with insulation…until we noticed water spots on our ceilings. We first thought it was a leaking roof, but after investigating things more thoroughly, we figured out that we were experiencing heat loss but weren’t sure where it was coming from. So I found Performance Foam and asked them to come out and help diagnose the problem and they worked with me to begin to isolate the problem. (Our house has a Vaulted ceiling and a standard attic area over our bedrooms.)

    Then during phase 2, we pulled down all of our ceilings and removed all of the old insulation. This was a big job, but worthwhile because we found areas where the years of condensation (during the winter months) had caused mold. We were able to clean and kill all of the mold and Performance Foam came in and sprayed their closed-cell foam in our large Vaulted ceiling and the attic area, completely sealing the “lid” of those parts of our home. I also had them shoot foam in every outside wall that I happened to open up because I was moving electrical or reframing a window. ….and I have to say, we saw an immediate impact on how cool AND warm our house became after the application.

    Well, we are just about finished with our third and final phase of our remodel. We framed and installed new windows and moved a kitchen from one room of our house to another. I called Performance Foam to come and spray that last remaining areas of our home. Wayne was awesome. He helped me figure out how prepare my rooms before they came in to spray. In my situation, I had walls and a ceiling to spray and I wanted to hire the hanging out…but it’s hard to get a crew of drywall hangers to come for a small remodel job just to hang the ceiling so the foam could be sprayed, and then come back to finish the walls later. So Wayne offered their help! The Performance Foam team that came to spray that day, went the extra step and actually helped me hang the drywall for the kitchen ceiling so they could spray that area!!! That was awesome! not to mention a HUGE HELP!

    The guys that came to spray were professional and worked hard. They arrived early (every time they came to my house and I live 50+ miles from their shop!), they moved quickly around the job site, and focused on my job and the work that they needed to do. When they finished, they verified that they covered everything and didn’t miss something, and they spent time cleaning up the site to make sure they didn’t leave a mess. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

    The lid to our house is now 100% sealed with closed-cell foam and I feel REALLY good about it. Is it worth the cost? It definitely is for me! Having an older house, I no longer worry about heat loss, condensation, mold, rot, or any structural issues. (I used to hear a bunch of “pops” in the winter as things dried out…since adding the foam, it’s become nearly nonexistent.) The benefits with the foam are huge, and Performance Foam does a terrific job at a great price. (They didn’t know this…but prior to my second phase of remodel, I called two other foam contractors that were closer to our home to get bids, and Performance Foam beat them easily…so for my third phase…I didn’t even bother getting bids. It was a “no-brainer”. They do a great job, I trust them, and I know they are going to stand behind EVERYTHING they do. It was the easiest decision that I had to make during this remodel.

    Thank you Bridgette, Wayne, and the rest of the Team! It’s been a terrific experience!

    Kind regards,

    Ken and Carolyn K
    Lakeville, MN

  2. Dave A says:

    Hi Bridgette and Wayne,

    Your guys did a great job and worked in some very harsh conditions, especially with the high temp and dew point today! It seems like they accomplished a lot, some of the chutes could not be accessed to change them out but they feel the ones that did get changed are functioning well, so we should have attics that breath much better now (which was very important to us).

    Thanks again, we enjoyed working with you.

  3. Nick and Liz M says:

    Wayne the job looks great. Happy we went with the entire roof. I appreciate your prompt service and reasonable price. I can feel my Xcel bills going down!

    Thank You,

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